|| 1857 Freedom Fight TimeLine ||

:: 1857 ::

29th March : In Leadership of Mangal Pandy soldiers ready for fight in Berakpur (Bengal). Mangal Pandy Caught by Britishers

8th April : Hang Out Mangal Pandy

6th May : In Merath Indian Soldiers refused to use New Kartush (Which is made by meat of beer and cow)

8th May : Announcement of Freedom of Merath by Indian Soldiers.

11th May : Freedom Fighters started march for make free delhi from Britishers.

16th May : Freedom fighters won delhi.

20th May : Aligadh was made free.

23rd May : Start Revolution in Kashi and Alhabad. Itava was made free.

28th May : Nashirabad was made free.

30th May : Start Revolution in Lakhnauw.

31st May : This day decide as common day for start revolution. So many Towns Cities were made free from Britishers. Terrifying fight started near Delhi.

1st June : Badayu emancipated.

3rd June : Sitapur and Azamgadh emancipated.

4th June : Start revolution in Zanshi and Kanpur.

5th June : Terrifying fight in Zanshi and Kanpur.

6th June : Prayag emancipated.

7th June : Soldiers besieged Kanpur. Start revolution in Jalandhar and Firozpur.

8th June : Zanshi emancipated. Near Delhi in Badrikisray start terrifying fight between Freedom fights and Britishers.

9th June : Faizabad and Sultanpur emancipated. Freedom fighter challenged to Britishers In Jalandher.

10th june : Complete Avadh emancipated. Ludhiyana emanicipated.

14th June : Revolution start in Banda and Gwaliyer. Freedom fighters almost won Prayag.

18th June : Britishers devilish invaded Prayag.

23rd June : 100 years complete of battle of Plasi and start terrifying fight in Delhi.

27th June : Meeting held in Kanpur of NanaSaheb Pesva.

29th June : Fight near Lakhnow on Lohevala Bridge. Britishers are defeated.Start rule of Begal Hajarat Mahal by giving chair to VajidAli Shah’s Son.

1st July : In Bithur Nana Sheb accepted “Pesva” title. Revolution start in Indor.

3rd July : Start revolution in Ptana.

6th July : Agra emancipated.

9th July : British soldiers are defeated deadly in delhi.

10th July : Nana Saheb was defeated by Britishers between Alhabad and Fatehpur.

13th july : Kolhapur emancipated

16th July : First Kanpur War.

17th July : Britishers won Kanpur.

25th July : Fight between freedom fighters and Britishers in Danapur(Bihar) and Danapur became emancipate.

29th July Britishers were defeated near Aara.

31st July : Freedom fighters were murdered cruelly in Ajnala (Panjab).

1st August : Started Fighting in Kolhapur.

3rd August : Hang Out Fallu’s Pratapshinh and Veershinh.

5th August : RajyaAbhishek of Kuvarshinh in Sahabad city of Bihar.

12th August : Started fighting in Pesavar.

14th August : Kuvarshinh’s capital Jagdishpur was under Britishers but he kept away them from Mirzapur’s Robartganj and emancipated it.

14th September : After terrifying fight Britishers could enter in Delhi under the leadership of Wilsans.

18th September : Freedom Fight start in Jabalpur.

20th September : Britishers won Delhi , Caught Bahdurshah and were murdered of their suns.

23rd September : Aalmbag (Lakhanauw) ,there was big fight (Tumul Yudhdha) beween Hevlok’s army and freedom fighters.

29th September : Tatya Tope entered in Jalaun.

10th October : Kantijant army took part in Freedom Fight in Gwaliyar.

9th November : Won Tatya Tope in Kalapi.

13th to 25th November : Terrifying fight , Britishers can enter in Lakhnauw.

26th November : Britishers had to leave Lakhnauw , With the help of soldiers of Gwaliyar Tatya Tope fought three days and won Kanpur.

1st December : In Leadership of Colin Cempbel britishers attacked on Kanpur again , Again Freedom fighters won.

:: 1858 ::

6th January : Nepal’s King supported to britishers.

6th to 14th March : Britishers attacked on Lakhnauw , terrifying fight for 9 days , We lost that fight.

15th March : Left some acceptation Cenig snatched away all rights of Estate Holder in Avadh.

22nd March : Under Leadership of Milmagna britishers won Azamgadh of Kuvarshinh.

24th March : There was terrifying fight in Zanshi , Britishers could enter in Zanshi , Rani Laxibai marched toward Kalapi.

3rd April : We lost Zanshi.

6th April : Marker was defeated by Kuwarshinh.

17th April : Again Azamgadh lost.

22nd April : Kuwarshinh won his Capital.

23rd April : British soldiers under Lee Gred were defeated in Jagdishpur.

26th April : Greate fighter Kuwarshinh died.

2nd May : Britishers took away Kalapi.

1st June : Under leadership of Laxmibai and Tatya tope freedom fighters won Gwaliyar.

5th June : Britishers murdered Maulavi Ahmadshash by betrayal.

17th June : There was terrifying fight between Rani Laxmibai and britishers Britishers run away from Gwaliyar and Gwalier was make free from Britishers.

18th to 20th June : Great Fight Rani Laxmibai Dided , again Britishers captured Gwaliyar.

1st September : England parliament took charge from East India Company.

3rd September : Freedom fighters attacked on Britishers in Gwaliyar.

1st November : British Parliament started rule directly on Bharat (India) in spite of East India Company. (up to this there was big part of British Parliament in what East India company took away from India.)

:: 1859 ::

6th January : Balarav reached at Nepal.

7th April : Manshinh did fraud with Tayta Tope and Britisher caught him.

18th April : Britishers were surprised by seen of arrogance of Tayta Tope. He hang out in Sipari of Madhya Pradesh. But britishers are not confirmed that that was Tayta Tope. Note : By some evidence Nana Saheb came in Gujarat (Morabi and Shihor)

Here is only brief view of time line of our first freedom fight. According to Britishers it was just small fight which held in Begal and some place of North Indian but it is not ture. This fight start Kasmir to (Kanya Kumari) Shri Lanka and Gujrat to MyanMar , Nepal, Bhutan (At that time these all placed included in Bharat) We are trying to uncover that truth which still covered.

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