|| Swarajya and Swadharma ||

For writing history, there is importance of the original reasons which give rise to different incidents in series. Historian may do mistakes by taking accidental reasons in writing the history. Historian may write that incident for …………first world war that some king who shooted and could not be saved due to his dress and world war started. But the basic reason behind war was struggle of power between European groups. European historian wanted to say about 1857 Swatranta Sangram that it was just mutiny started by illelemte sepoys who were given cartoos with baf of cows and pigs!! And then many were killed due to indiscipline so it is sepoy mutiny. True historian should go near the original reasons for the ‘massacare’ which civilized (!) Britisher has done and that was not reported in history. This is one aspeet which is done after 1857 Swatantrata Sangram and find to get original reasons why this Sangram was started. The revolution which started in 1857 was not written by Indian and foreign Historian with true perspective so people find illusion for this revolution and may say as “mutiny” as said by britishers. British historian had given description of different incidents which took place in this period and defeated Indian sepouys at different places. In their description they were partial as well as with ill-motives.

People revolution of 1857 can not be happened without any principle. The revolution is so wide from Peshavwar to Calcutta. The Battle field was everywhere in all of Bharat .The itellegent man has to think why this is happened. British historians will not speak anything about this because it is against their interest. The pity is that our Indian historians are also not gone in deep of this revolution story and believe in that some sepouys were against the fat of cows on cartridge. This is not only reason , but this type of gossip started by Britishers and we were the victim of that but we should go in deep about the real reasons in this revolution this historians may say the leaders of this revolutions as thoughtless foolish persons.

Leaders of the revolution are Nanasaheb of Kanpur, Rani Laxibai , Badshah Zafar etc were not the sepoyes of British army. So they are not using cartriage which used by British sepoys. Same historian says that this mutiny is due to taking Avadh kingdom. Many people were behind the revolution who have not seen Vajidali shah Nawab of Avadh and they were feeling gloomy done to this. If Awadh and cartridge incident were not took place the revolution was to start definitely.

The main or real reason for this revolution was Swarajya and Swadharma. The freedom was taken away from the people by toward the feeling for Swarajya and Swadharma was very intense in mind of Indian people whether they are Hindus or Muslims. The names of chitod, singhadh as well as many religion places are in mind of every Indian people if anybody hurts these feelings then Indian will be agitated and due to these type of million Indian agitation the revolution of 1857 were initiated and started. This was represented by many revolutionary leaders like Bahadurshah Zafar, Nana fannadish etc. this was against British Kingdom and revolution was not started by only hindus but muslims were also with them and so true muslim leaders are also the leaders of this revolution.

In voice of lion following reclamation was done “Hindus and Muslims of Hindustan , arise , awake and prepare yourself for Swarjya which is our pious goal. The Swarajya was taken away by Britishers with illegal techniques and fraud. Whether we will be slave for ever? No, We will get our goal. Restoration of our Dharma we do our best. We will eliminate all our differences! We all are equal so bothers of Hindustan come with as in battlefield for the work of God Almighty.”

This proclamation proves that the main reasons behind revolutions are Swarajya and Swadharma. Both are interrelated so revolution was not succeeded but these reasons were these and they were for another revolution for achieving freedom.

Maearthy writes in history of our times that this mutiny is not by only sepoy but all different Indian races behind this mutiny. So sepoys of Indian kings had taken part in this revolution. Leader become automatic from the public and this sepoy revolution become national Revolution.

Charles had written in Indian mutiny that it was not against britishers only but this against all European who wanted to rule Indian by illegal dramatis. This mutiny many lead to independent India whose rulers are Indian kings not governed by any European rule.

Dwhite has written in history of greater sepoy mutiny that it If I am not prizing the Indian sepoy in this mutiny I am doing injustice to the history. They were not coward. They may not be literate. The ruler of awadh has also joined hand with the sepoy because they were doing revolution for their motherland and they were fighting for Swarajya and Swdharma.

-Dr. Bharatbhai J. Mehta