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Here is only brief view of time line of our first freedom fight. According to Britishers it was just small fight which held in Begal and some place of North Indian but it is not ture. This fight start Kasmir to (Kanya Kumari) Shri Lanka and Gujrat to MyanMar , Nepal, Bhutan (At that time these all placed included in Bharat) We are trying to uncover that truth which still covered.

11th September 1893 Swamiji Addressed to World Parliament of Religion and whole world knew the strength of Bharat , We choose this day for launching this site. We have great Heritage of Ram and Krishna , Bharat is land of Rushis. We are those lucky fellow whom have rights to call Bharat Ma. Let us Redefine our history.

Content of this site of fully authorized. Content of is specially base of “1857 first freedom fight by Veer Savarkar” , writing of Devendraji and Dr Satishchandra Mital (Writers of Panchjanya, http://www.panchjanya.com) and Articles of Sadhana (one Gujarati magazine).